Canta Clinic Classes

For any  queries or to speak to a Chartered Physiotherapist about our classes, please call reception on  083 3555 722

Canta Clinic Classes 


July/August 2024

 Book your place online or call 083 3555 722 for more info.


Reformer Pilates

Mon @ 6.15pm (advanced) and 7.30pm (advanced)

Tue @ 9.40am (advanced) and 7.30pm (intermediate)

Wed @ 6.15pm (advanced) and 7.30pm (beginners)

Thur @ 9.40am (advanced) and 6.15pm (beginners)

 Sat  @ 9.15am (intermediate)

Mat Pilates

Mon @ 9.40am

Tue  @ 6.15pm

Wed @ 9.40am

Thur @ 7.30pm

Fri    @ 9.40am

Ageless Strength - 8 week block

*please contact reception to arrange a booking

Mon @ 11.15am 

Wed @ 11.15am

Post Natal - 6 week block

*re-starting in September 

Thur @ 11.00am

1-1 Therapist-led training

*please contact reception to arrange a booking

Call the clinic on 083 3555 722 for more info


Please make sure to ask your instructor to fill in our Pilates Screening Questionnaire  @ your first attendance.

Please call 083 3555 722  if you have any questions.