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As part of Canta Clinic we also have various other health care professionals on site. Our company has expanded to include SIMS IVF Satellite clinic, a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Dietitian and Headway: an Acquired Brain Injury Trust.

If you would like to contact these clinics please see their information below or send email to

Since 1997, we’ve helped pioneer IVF technology in this country. Today, Sims IVF is one of the leading fertility clinics in Ireland.

Each year, we care for more patients and create more babies than any other fertility clinic in Ireland. We are also part of Virtus Health, one of the world’s leading fertility groups.

Fertility treatment can be emotional and stressful, so it’s important you are cared for in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our personalised care teams are here to look after you every step of the way. We’ll listen to your needs, explore all your options and tailor a treatment plan to suit you, so you can realise your dream of starting your family.

Service Provided:

  • Scans: We can provide ultrasound scans during your fertility treatment to save you a journey to our Clonskeagh clinic.

  • Bloods: We can also draw bloods for any tests you may require.

  • Please note that all egg collections and embryo transfers must take place in our Clonskeagh clinic.

Contact: (01) 208 0710

Headway works with people affected by Brain Injury. An acquired brain injury is an injury to a person’s brain that happens during their lifetime. The injury can be caused by a stroke, a brain haemorrhage, an infection, a tumour, lack or oxygen, or a fall for example.

I offer three main types of service:

1. Information and signposting services

I offer information on Services available to those affected by Brain injury in the South East area and in other parts of the country as needed.

I can also give you a pack which looks at the changes that can happen to a person and their family as a result of an Acquired Brain Injury.

2. Education and awareness raising

I am very happy to give presentations to any groups who are interested in learning about Acquired Brain Injury. I can give presentations to school and third level college groups.

3. Support

I facilitate Carer’s Support Groups in different locations in the South East. The groups are for carers or family members of people with an Acquired Brain Injury. The groups meet once a month and offer support and information for carers.

I can also offer individual support be it over the phone in person or by text or email. The most important thing about the service is that it focuses on your needs as someone affected by Brain Injury.

There is no charge for our services.

Contact details: 087 9361998 or

NEWS - We are delighted that our dietitian, Sophie Pratt, will be joining the panel of Operation Transformation experts!

The show returns to TV on Wednesday, 4th January.

My name is Sophie, I am a registered dietitian and fitness instructor with a passion for all things food and fitness related. Please see below my qualifications:

- MSc in Dietetics, Ulster University

- BSc in Human Nutrition, University College Dublin

- Level 4 Certificate in Exercise, Health and Fitness, University of Limerick

- Certificate in Pre/Post Natal Exercise

- Completed FODMAP training with Monash University

- Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I provide services in the following areas:

1. Weight management

2. Pre/post natal

3. Sports performance

4. Gastroenterology

5. Other specialist nutritional issues

Contact details:

Email –

Website –