Reformer and Mat Pilates

For any queries or to speak to a Chartered Physiotherapist about Pilates feel free to call reception on 0833555722

*** Online Mat Classes ***

Starting Monday the 6th of April

Monday @ 9.30am

Tuesday @ 7.00pm

Wednesday @ 9.30am

Thursday @ 7.00pm

Friday @ 9.30am

* booking required*


  • The classes are €6 each and run for 40 mins.
  • You can sign up and pay for the class using the link on the right hand side.
  • The class is run through the Zoom app and you will get an email invitation to join the class a few mins before the class starts.
  • We require your EMAIL ADDRESS to register you, if you are a new patient or think we do not have your email please text us your email address on 0833555722 so we can add you.
  • You have to book the class at least an hour before the class starts for us to process your booking, if you try and book just before the class starts you will be charged but may not receive the email.
  • Enjoy!!

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page for demonstrations.

Or call us on 083 3555 722 if you have any questions.