Reformer and Mat Pilates

For any queries or to speak to a Chartered Physiotherapist about Pilates feel free to call reception on 0833555722

Mat Classes

Monday @ 9.40am

Tuesday @ 6.15pm and 7.20pm

Wednesday @ 9.40am

Thursday @ 6.15pm and 7.20pm

Friday @ 9.40am

* no booking required*

Reformer Classes

Mon @ 6.10pm and 7.20pm

Tue @ 9.40am and 5.10pm

Wed @6.10pm and 7.20pm

Thur @ 6.30am, 9.40am and 5.10pm

Fri @ 5.20pm

Sat @ 9.15am and 10.30am

* booking is required and places are limited*

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page for demonstrations.

Or call us on 083 3555 if you have any questions.